5 MemberFactory features to take your experience to a whole new level

  • Building a site on MemberFactory? Check.
  • Adding multiple membership projects? Check.
  • Studying insights on your best performing membership plans? Check.

What now?

The mere fact that you’ve dropped your anchor on this blog means that you’re looking for new ways to maximize your membership site’s potential.

MemberFactory is power-packed with a slew of amazing features that you haven’t even tapped the potential of yet.

These features not just make your daily site management easier, but also introduce newer, better ways of increasing the mileage of your content.

So, let’s take a look, shall we?

1. Drip available at both category and lesson level

To drip or not to drip?

After you’ve created your membership site, you need to make a decision on whether you wish to make all your content available at once, or release it at regular intervals over a period of time.

The one true benefit of drip feeding is that it’s a great way to avoid “download and run” newbies on your site, and have them stay for longer. This way, they’re not able to consume everything at once or demand a refund as soon as they’re done.

MemberFactory offers the option of drip feeding at both category as well as lesson level.

Say, you’re running a fixed-time frame course of 10 weeks with 10 lessons.

It surely makes sense to drip the lessons out weekly, so that your members not just stay engaged, but also have enough time for any actionables you may have provided along with.

On the other hand, you can also make an entire category module available at once with all its lessons, and set a time frame for the next one that the members can access afterwards.

2. Drip based on frequency of days, or from a fixed date

Now that you know the benefit drip feeding holds for your membership site, take it up a notch by using it in multiple ways to your advantage.

Essentially, this particular feature lets you make your content available to your members on either any desired frequency of days you set, or all at once from a fixed date.

For instance, you can let your members unlock the chapters of your course at a difference of 7 days, 15 days, or 90 days each.

Alternately, you can set a launch date for your course, and take time to build a compelling member base in the meantime.

Say, for example, you’ve set December 1st as your launch date for the course. This means that your members can join any time between now and that date.

All they need to do is sign up on your site beforehand, and they’ll be able to access the contents of it right from the date you’ve set.

3. Send automated bonuses on lesson completion

Ask any business owner and they’ll concur in a jiffy – if there’s anything that assures customer retention, it’s free stuff!

After all, who doesn’t like freebies and bonuses every now and then?

Through MemberFactory, you can send out automated email notifications to site members on completion of each lesson.

That email, could contain anything from a congratulatory note to an attractive gift such as additional reference material for your course, videos, or even coupon codes to access another course of yours.

The system will keep sending the bonus gift on an auto-pilot as long as you desire.

This tried-and-tested strategy sure keeps your members’ spirits high, and lets them know that you care.

You can enable this feature from your MF dashboard by going to “Edit Member Pages”, and clicking on the “Notification” tab.

4. Give access to your VAs or staff to manage your site for you on an ongoing basis

If, down the line, managing your site entirely on your own becomes overwhelming, or, you need experts to manage certain sections of your site, here’s a feature to make your life much easier.

As you already know, primarily, you need three aspects of your membership site to be taken care of and frequently paid attention to – content, administration (orders, payments, etc.), and site design.

By enabling this feature, you can give other individuals/teams access to your membership site so that you can focus on other things, like, bringing in more sales.

All you need to do is go to “Team Management” by clicking on your name on the top right corner of your screen, start creating different groups that you need to be managed, and add team members to it.

The good thing is, thanks to the “Manage Permissions” tab, the team member of a particular group will have the access and management controls of the content they are assigned to.

So, suppose, you don’t want the Design team to access the Administrative section of your site, you can limit their access with just a few clicks.

5. Save and restore content from revisions

Content is king, even more so on a membership site!

After all, you can’t take any chances with the very thing you’re out in the market to sell. Say hello to this amazing content management feature that lets you save and restore old content that you may have revised over time.

Whether you have been making frequent changes in a module for days, or may have accidentally hit Delete, this feature will have automatically created a backup of that content for you to restore, and save you an impending panic attack.

Simply Enable the “Save Revision” toggle to create a copy of updated revision in this area. You can View, Restore or Delete revisions as per your requirements.

With five new exciting features to unlock, your experience with MemberFactory is surely going to get a brand new boost.

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