Build your Brandable (PLR) Content Factory

You’ve spent hours and hours of hard work creating content for your audience. You’ve networked with like-minded people to share your expertise with, and have built a steady source of income.

Today, people are paying to receive helpful quality information from you, and your audience is paying a recurring fee to continue getting that.

No matter the niche you’re selling in, your content must be able to justify the fee that shows on their credit card statement.

Therefore, it’s imperative that everything you create is not just fabulous, but long-lasting too.

But, if you thought that the “create, upload, sell” strategy is all your online coaching business is limited to, you couldn’t be more wrong.

In fact, there’s a whole new market you’re missing out on by limiting your income avenues. As an online coach, you’ve seen great success with your courses…

Now, it’s time to scale up.

Now, it’s time to get on track to bigger opportunities on the table.

It’s amazing how the world of marketing is opening more and more doors for content creators to increase the mileage of their content in myriad ways.

It was true a decade ago, and it’s true even now – content is king.

Every online business needs great content, but not every online business owner is a content wizard. The alternate is to hire good writers, but well, who wants to kill their budget?

As an awesome content creator, you have an upper hand over the ones that aren’t really good at the craft, and so, are willing to spend big money for niche-relevant content.

Isn’t that something you’d want to capitalize on?

Say hello to PLR.

Private Label Rights or PLR content is one such technique to put up your content for sale, and make at least 10 times the original price!

You can retain the right to sell the same content to other customers too.

By putting up your content for sale, you’re actually transferring the rights of ownership to whoever buys it from you. Once they purchase a pack, they’re free to rebrand and reuse it in whatever way they please.

Just ensure that you lay down the licensing terms and conditions, and you’re good to go.

Usually sold in packages, PLR content can include reports, checklists, and other paraphernalia that could be of use to the customer.

An excellent example of the same is’s Sharyn Sheldon, an ace business content provider who follows the same strategy by offering professional quality content in the business niche.

Another great example in the self-help niche is’s Ronnie Nijmeh, who provides over 12,000 brandable coaching resources, products, marketing material, and content.

Now, there are two ways you can go about selling the PLR license for your content:

1. Store format
If you choose to create an online store for your content, it’ll look somewhat like an e-commerce website, wherein, the customer will simply choose the items they wish to buy, and add them to cart. This format may sound attractive, but there’s also a downside to it.

Imagine having to choose from a structure-less format of hundreds of PLR resources – all at once. It’s not just utterly confusing to your customer, but also reduces the chances of fresh content availability.

Moreover, with a store format, you can never really be able to forecast your income – you’ll get an idea of it only after the sale has been made.

2. Membership format
In a membership format, on the other hand, you can enjoy the perks of offering your content in a drip layout.

This eliminates any chances of staleness your customers may feel because, after all, every pack they’re unlocking over time is fresh as a daisy!

You can also rest assured that, unlike in an online store where the user has the option to skip buying certain items in a series, a membership site will ensure that all your packs are given the attention that they deserve.

Needless to say, we recommend going the membership way!

Building your own PLR Content Membership Club

Some sellers prefer selling their content one-time. Others, prefer to offer a membership, and run a full-fledged club.

Membership plans entitle customers to a set amount of content every month.

If regular income has always been your top priority, go the membership way and make big earnings every month.

You already have a truckload of content – all you’ve got to do is, start repurposing and re-packaging it into bundles to put up for sale on your membership website, and get selling.

Keep adding to the bundles by designing and developing new products that your audience can use in their business.

However, the best thing is, you don’t have to limit yourself to just articles or videos – add fun action plans, checklists, social media posts, and more, and create complete packages, for which you can command a much higher price.

In other words, the more valuable your content seems, the more customers you’re likely to get.

Furthermore, once your membership club starts getting popular and your audience base increases by leaps and bounds, you can even consider collaborating with other online coaches to come and contribute to your content base.

This way, you’re not the sole content creator of your membership club, and aren’t bogged down by the ever-increasing demand for multi-niche content.

You can do it all on MemberFactory

Power-packed with a slew of amazing features, MemberFactory is the ultimate membership site building platform that you need to start your PLR club.

Once you sign up, pick an awesome theme for your website, upload your content, and pick a membership pricing plan.

There are two pricing plans you can opt for:

1. Make all content available at once (no drip):

Once a customer selects the pack they want to purchase, they can make a one-time payment and acquire it.

2. Make content available for download in drip format (bi-monthly, monthly, yearly, etc.):

Create PLR packs or bundles, and give your customers access on a recurring basis. For example, start by granting access to PLR Pack 1 on Day One, PLR Pack 2 on Day 30, and so on.

Next, create content categories, based on how frequently you’d want to make the content available.

For instance, you can opt for a monthly format, wherein, every month will have a set of content pages, and within them, relevant links to download the pack.

To give you a clearer example, here’s how your content categories will look:

PLR Pack 1
PLR Pack 2
PLR Pack 3…

PLR Pack 4
PLR Pack 5
PLR Pack 6…

PLR Pack 7
PLR Pack 8
PLR Pack 9…

… and, so on.

To sum it up, there is a plethora of niche membership sites on the web today. If you’re an expert in your field, now is the time to utilize all the knowledge you’ve acquired over the years.

You already have so much ready content – repurpose it, repackage it, and get selling to content-hungry online marketers across the globe.

Set up your PLR membership website on MemberFactory right away, so that it can constantly deliver high-quality resources to your members every single month.

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