Introducing Growth Hacks Marketplace

The growth and success of your online coaching business is our ultimate goal, and we want to help you in that quest every way we can.

It is with this aim in mind that we present to you:

Invanto “Growth Hacks” Marketplace

Here, you will find expert strategies, tips, advice, and a nudge in the right direction to make your online coaching business a sure-shot market favorite!

How do I know it’s for me?

From unique business evolution strategies and clever app integration tips, to boosting sales like a boss and enhancing user experience, this section is where every smart entrepreneur needs to be!

See what we mean by checking out our first Growth Hack on “5 Easy Products Every Coach Must Create Around Their Flagship Course” by clicking here.

Whoa. This looks dope. Can I contribute too?

Why, of course, you can!

We bet you’ve got some tricks up your sleeve too.

What’s more, this marketplace is an easy way to add to your income, as it’s yet another avenue to share your world of knowledge with savvy entrepreneurs who’re constantly looking for quality assistance.

For every sale your growth hack makes, you will receive a percentage which is set and visible under “Partner Program” in your account dashboard.

That said, if you wish to create similar growth hacks and start selling your ideas and strategies to our ever-growing Invanto user base, simply upload your hack from your Partner Center.

Step 1: Select Manage Products -> Growth Hacks to create your growth hack. You can upload a video and attach files to your growth hack.

Step 2: Once it is ready, select Sell Products -> Growth Hacks to submit it to our marketplace.

That’s it.

Now, before you get started, just make sure that you take into account the following general guidelines that we’ve set up for this program:

1. Each video must have business growth and development strategies at its core.

2. None of the videos you submit must be a presell to your products or services.

3. There is no restriction to the duration of your video. The minimum expected limit, however, is 3-5 minutes, at least.

4. While submitting for approval, you can specify a price for your growth hack. A good price range of a growth hack is anywhere between $5 and $25. However, based on the topic and its quality, we’ll set up a price for it as we deem fit for our audience. If you have an objection on the price, after we have approved your growth hack, please contact support to take it down from our marketplace.

Still got questions? Join us on our dedicated Facebook group, and we’ll brainstorm some killer ideas together.

Additionally, feel free to make recommendations about any specific topic of your interest that you’d like an Invanto expert to cover for you.

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