5 Smart ways for coaches to repurpose their content

The 2012 Mayan calendar that predicted the end of the world may be useless today, but your content isn’t.

Why create stellar blogs, videos, podcasts and more from scratch when you can simply repurpose the existing bunch, and mint mad money off it?

Once you’ve put together a set of content paraphernalia, there are multiple ways to utilize it than to let it sit in an archived folder in your laptop.

The benefits of content repurposing are endless. With it, you’re simply repackaging your old content to target different mediums of communication on the web.

  • No need to rebuild your content from scratch
  • Enjoy more organic search engine traffic
  • Reach more potential customers
  • Shift your focus towards increasing sales

Without further ado, let’s discuss the top five ways of reincarnating your old content, and enable it to find new life that’s of value to you:

1. Use it to build a Membership site

There is nothing worth a value exchange as much as a membership website. The more you deliver value to your members in the form of resources, the more they’re going to be hooked in the form of continued subscription payments.

A membership site gives content access to only the members who have subscribed to the site.

As a coach, you can create a 6-month/yearly drip program, and continue to add material to your site, thus, ensuring recurring payments from your subscribers.

Understand that users don’t just sign up on a membership site for the sake of increasing knowledge – they have goals that they want to achieve, and so, your content must come with action points that they can put to practice.

There are myriad ways to include content on your membership site – courses, webinars, content archives, exclusive downloads, workbooks, cheat sheets, and much more!

All you need to do is: collate enough content on a particular topic, create a content outline based on the duration of your program, set a price you’re going to charge for it, and start building your membership site!

Wondering where to begin? Check out MemberFactory, our flagship multi-lingual platform where you can build as many membership projects as you want, and give your content the revival it deserves.

2. Use it to build a course

It’s no surprise that in today’s world, people who learn from you are way more likely to trust you and your products to bet their money on. With the amount of content that you have, why not build a course and “productize” all the knowledge you have?

This strategy will breathe new life into your customer base, and unlock new prospects of business too!

Unlike a membership site where you continue to add new content, a full-fledged course enables your members to download all the content at once.

This way, you have the ability to set a definite, one-time price for your course, instead of having to add new content every now and then.

Moreover, it’ll act as your online store, wherein, you can put up additional content like PDFs, eBooks, etc. that your users can purchase for a specific price.

Start by defining a point A and point B in your content that you wish to take your audience through. This will help you structure your entire content in a series of blogs, videos, and podcasts, and ensure that your customers learn about the topic in depth.

Don’t forget to sprinkle some infographics, workbooks, and actionables along with your course to keep the activity and interactions high.

Create exceptional learning experiences for your students through Coachrack, where you can repurpose all your content by building an unlimited number of courses and schools.

3. Use it to build a free email mini course

A mini course that takes hardly two hours to create and covers a very specific topic can be used as an awesome marketing tool for your online business.

One of the biggest concerns of content creators is finding and growing an online audience.

The mere fact that you’re offering expert knowledge for “free” is salivating enough for users, creating the perfect lead magnet for the rest of your content that they will be happy to pay for.

Through this mini course, you will be able to build a compelling email list that you can utilize during your “big launch”.

Say, you have a truckload of ready content on “Vegan Diet”. You can start by creating a free email mini course on Your 7-day Guide to Vegan Detoxing.

Think of it as launching a teaser of a film to get the audiences excited enough to pay money to watch the entire movie.

By repurposing your content this way, you will be able to start enrolling students in no time, and introduce a bigger curriculum once they’ve shown interest in your course.

To grow your list, engage your audience, and drive more sales, send emails about your free mini course through email marketing platforms such as ActiveCampaign or MailChimp.

4. Sell your courses to agencies/corporate companies

If your content is something that corporations would be interested in, you have no idea how much money you can make by selling hundreds of seats to their employees.

Corporate clients often take group memberships for courses that their personnel can benefit from. Needless to say, your content holds far more monetary value in their hands than it would in the hands of a single user.

Customer Service, Leadership, Management, Personal Development, Corporate Communication, Accounting, and Productivity are some of the many content categories that corporates invest in year after year.

Therefore, if your content pertains to one of these, build a course right away.
Structure your course in a way that you can sell the entire package to corporate clients for a much higher price.

That, plus more number of seats, ensures that you’re on your way to making miraculous amounts of money from content that was earlier lying unnoticed in your machine.

Create your course on CoachRack and reap the benefits of its Group Membership feature that allows your corporate buyers to invite & manage their employees.

Check out this tutorial on how to enable this awesome feature in your school.

5. Start selling white label license

If you thought you had exhausted all the money-making ways of repurposing your content, you’re in for a surprise!

The world wide web is abuzz with ‘White Label Rights’, which simply means that you are offering your content to end users that they can rebrand and reuse as their own.
It is also one of the easiest ways to generate more content, equating more money.

Online marketers know that content is king, but do not know where to begin acquiring it. It’s no wonder that they’re willing to spend big money on purchasing the rights to white label products that align with the niche they’re in.

That said, you have a series of blog posts, social media posts, emailers, podcasts, and a course on a particular topic, start selling the white label license for this entire package at up to 10 times the actual price, and make money like never before!

However, remember to lay down the licensing terms and conditions clearly for your package so as to avoid any legal complications for your buyers.

So, wait no more!

Now that you know the power of content repurposing, start turning your valuable pieces into high-performing assets, and extend their life.

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