Muscle Up Your Business with Integration Engine

We have successfully built some amazing apps for your business to scale. But, we know what you’ve been thinking. “Wouldn’t it be amazing if Invanto’s many tools could work seamlessly with some of the finest external cloud-based apps in the world?

Well, we concur.

And so, we topped up our “Utilities” section with a bomb of a utility called Integration Engine. This, let us tell you, is the real deal, as it empowers you to build and promote an actually connected business, with speed and efficiency at its core.

Through this tool, we become your coaching business’ epicenter, from where, you can connect and automate cloud applications you love.

With our meticulously picked powerful logic functions, you can tag every customer based on pre-defined actions, segregate them, and quickly build workflows with effortless ease.

Up until now, you may have a strong base of customers – in hundreds or thousands. Say, you want start a dialogue with them via email. You integrate an autoresponder such as ActiveCampaign, Intercom, or MailerLite, and start shooting emails at various events.

But, that’s the thing – those emails, they go to all of them.

Whatever communication you do, you do with every single one of them.

That’s… frustrating.

What if you want to pitch in an upsell offer to a select few? Or, award bonuses to only a handful of customers who reach a certain stage of consuming your product?

That, is possible once you bring into use this exceptional functionality that lets you segregate your customers based on their actions on your site.

This process, although automated, lets you be in complete control of how you want to best utilize that data, and drive up your coaching business.

To see Integrations in full action, read our user guide, and start using it right to transform the way you operate!

Welcome to the world of automation.

It’s LIVE in your accounts as of Jan 18th, 2019.

NOTE: The new integration engine is available for monthly paid users only. If you are on any of the “transaction fee” based plans or “monthly / yearly subscription” plans, including those which were offered as special deals, you will get full access to the integration engine.

You may still see a pop up showing a “trial initiated” message. In that case simply contact support and we will adjust your account.

Those who never bought any of the discounted subscription offers and wish to use the integration engine, please contact support to learn about your account upgrade options.

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