Monetize your Course Further using CoachRack and RewardBurst Together

So, you’re running a successful online coaching business by reaping the multiple benefits of CoachRack. Your clients are relatively happier, your website is a sure-shot hit, and your social media presence is decent.

You’d think – “This is it! There is no way life could get any better!”.


Well, not quite.

At Invanto, we continuously strive to assist you in newer, unexpected ways that shoot up the value of the products you’ve so carefully built.

If you thought creating your course and putting it up for sale was the most you could do at CoachRack, you’re in for a big surprise.

In other words, this is just the beginning, and you have no idea the potential you’re about to unlock.

Meet RewardBurst – one of our ground-breaking products that has the ability to take your coaching business to the next level. Its unique features and above-par monetizing potential deftly boost the value of your course, and turn it into a full-fledged profitable business.

If this sounds exciting, keep reading to understand it in detail, along with how exactly it can benefit you.

What is RewardBurst?

RewardBurst is a gamification platform through which you can turn your user community into an automated profit center.

Plug it into your course on CoachRack, and start rewarding points to your students for easy activities like logging in, commenting on a thread, and finishing a lesson.

An exciting way to keep their energy levels high, RewardBurst is everything you need to engage, retain, and profit from your customers.


Point-based reward system

Engage your customers in a totally new way by awarding them points on everything they do on your site – each time they log in, comment, finish a lesson, watch a video, take a quiz, or whatever else you want.

Alternately, give them badges for moving ahead in the course, and let them feel prized and appreciated. This particular feature makes them keep coming back to your course, and keeps them motivated to proceed and learn more.

Give bonus access to other sites

Got multiple schools with multiple courses? Navigate your existing customers to those by offering access to them as a bonus to your students! For a set of points, your customers can gain free access to an otherwise paid membership site or course of yours.

Say, they’ve just completed a lesson, and so, as a reward, you can give them free access to another course of yours you wish to generate leads on.

This way, you successfully navigate your existing customers to other ventures of yours, without investing in any specific marketing strategy.

Create point packages for students to buy

The smartest strategy to monetize from your existing customers, this feature lets you create multiple point packages that you can offer to your students for a particular sum of money.

Once your students have collected enough points, they can download the digital products you’re offering by redeeming their points. However, in case they run out of points, this is how you can offer them to buy additional points from you.

For example, you can create a package of 50 points for $20, or 100 points for $50. If your students don’t have enough points to buy a particular product that might be of use to them in their studies, they can pay you to purchase one of those packages, and get the product in exchange for the points.

This way, they don’t have to wait to accumulate more points, and you get to monetize on it.

So, to round up, you can…

  • Maximize user engagement with points to ensure your students keep coming back to the course.
  • Give additional reference material to students in exchange for a set of points.
  • Give bonus access to your other sites when they buy one of your courses.
  • Create multiple point packages for a particular amount of money that your students can purchase if they run out of points.

The bottom line

As you can see, RewardBurst makes for an excellent addition to your schools on CoachRack, and you should get on it right away!

Start by building simple point-based rewards and work your way up by introducing higher, more exciting rewards for your students.

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