Put Your Business in Overdrive with Subscriptions in CoachRack

Up until now, your customers were purchasing individual courses from you.

Did they like it enough to buy more and keep coming back to you?

Who knows.

Only the sales count would tell you.

Even worse is the fact that you get to create little to no engagement with your customers after a purchase is made.

Heck, sometimes, some customers even forget that they bought a course from you in the first place. That’s… just sad.

The question is:

Why keep yourself in the dark and delay any future sales with no commitment from your customers?

That’s exactly what we decided to answer with our brand new subscription feature in CoachRack, and we’re thrilled to tell you that it’s now available in your account.

Two awesome ways you can use subscriptions:

1. Suppose you have only 4 or 5 courses in your school. Simply set up a membership plan right in CoachRack, and give your customers access to all of them for a stipulated period of time.

Once the duration ends, so does their access. Needless to say, they’d continue to pay a monthly or quarterly fee (whatever you’ve set up) to keep their access intact.

2. Got tons of courses in your school? Create a membership plan that gives your students to unlock 2, or 4, or 5, or XX courses every month.

Then, your students may like your courses so much that they want to buy some of your other courses too without having to wait for another month. And, they also don’t want to buy your course at full retail price.

For them, create a new membership plan as a one-time fee which allows them to unlock 2 or XX more courses.

When their credits are used in a month and they want to unlock additional courses, they can either buy those courses at full retail price, OR, they can buy that one time credits package to unlock those courses.

An excellent way to ensure recurring income, this model keeps your students’ engagement levels at an all time high.

Moreover, when students keep coming back to you for more, you know you can utilize the opportunity to keep plugging in more products for sale.

Result = more money.

Here’s how you get started:

STEP 1: Open your site in edit mode. You will see two new menu tabs – Subscriptions, and Membership Plans, under the More menu.

STEP 2: When you create a new membership plan for your school, you can either give access to all the courses in one subscription plan by enabling the “Access All Courses” toggle under Settings tab or you can give access to XX number of courses every month by disabling that toggle.

See this screenshot:

STEP 3: Once you have created membership plans, you can opt to show them on your school at a specific URL by adding “/pricing” at the end of your school URL. For example, if your school URL is academy.yourbrand.com then all membership plans will be visible at academy.yourbrand.com/pricing.

How cool is that now?

With subscription based plans, give your student base an all the new reason to keep coming back to you.

Meanwhile, we’ll continue working on bringing more ease and amazement into the world of Invanto for you.

Keep the hustle on!

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