Top 5 features of CoachRack you didn’t know about

You’ve already turned your knowledge into a profitable course on the platform, but are you truly maximizing its potential?

With its futuristic design, a robust set of APIs, and excellent support, CoachRack is already a hit among online course creators across the globe.

However, we think, it’s time you took the experience up a notch!

Did you know there are more than a couple of ways to monetize your course on the platform?
In this blog, we’ll explore them all!

Check out the following features that CoachRack offers you to take your online coaching business to a whole new level.

From better user experience to tons of varied monetization options, there’s a world of opportunities waiting to be unlocked on this platform.

Let’s tap in!

1. Translations

Did you know, CoachRack supports every spoken language on the planet?
With this feature, you can customize the wording of every label to match the vocabulary of your audience.

This gives you the opportunity to reach your target audience better, make their learning experience more fruitful, and communicate in a much more sensible manner.

Once you select a language,CoachRack will automatically translate all the fields of your school sections.

For instance, if you switch from English to Spanish, “Lectures” will show as “Conferencia”, “Details” will show as “Los Detailes”, and so on.

The best thing?

If you don’t like the translation, or wish to present it in a better manner, you have the option of adding your own translation too.

Note, however, that the only thing that can’t be translated are the contents of your course.

That, you’ll have to do yourself!

To learn how to switch languages from yourCoachRack dashboard, click on this easy tutorial.

2. Customized email templates for your school

Remember how, sometimes, when you sign up on a new website, you automatically receive an email in your inbox, but it sounds too robotic or cold?

In fact, many a times, you aren’t even addressed with your name.

So much for a subscription, huh?

AtCoachRack, on the other hand, you have the option to add a personal touch to outgoing messages for your members. Use easy short codes to personalize email text with your student’s name, email address, etc., and make them feel special and valued.

As you may already know, your students receive an email at five instances:

  1. When they pay for the course purchase
  2. Welcome email
  3. When they’ve requested to reset their password
  4. When they’re watching a comment thread on a topic
  5. When they’ve been invited to attend a course

With the help of CoachRack’s extremely user-friendly dashboard, you can now change the templates that have been provided to you, and write whatever you wish to communicate to your students.

Make them more interactive and pertinent to your brand, and set a tone for communication that’s unique to your school.

Click here to know the step-by-step process of customizing your email templates.

3. Monetization by offering point based rewards using RewardBurst

Who doesn’t love rewards every now and then?

RewardBurst is everything you need to engage, motivate, retain, and profit from your customers. Plug this unique gamification platform into your schools and give them points for their activities like logging in, commenting on threads, finishing a lesson, and more.

Moreover, you can also provide additional white-label content to them for a particular set of points once they’ve amassed them.

However, this is where it gets really interesting – in case your customers don’t have enough points that they can utilize for a purchase from your store, they can pay a particular amount to receive additional points.

For example, you can create a package of 100 Points for $50. Now, your customers can buy 100 points for $50 whenever they run out of their accumulated points.

This is an excellent way to make more money, and keep the activity of your customers at an all-time high.

Learn more about Rewardburst here.

4. Group membership

Here’s an unparalleled feature to sell your course on a per-seat basis without any additional charge!

The “Group Membership” feature on Coachrack allows your buyer to invite up to 20 people to access your course!

For instance, if you set up a group membership pricing plan for 10 seats, anyone who purchases your course is allowed to invite 10 more users to access the course for free.

A step up from regular course selling to single users, the option of group membership also lets you create a corporate plan at a much higher pricing for companies who wish to buy multiple seats for their employees.

5. Pay What You Want

The “Pay What You Want” pricing strategy has already been proven as an effective tool for penetrating a new market.

If you wish to introduce your course into the market for the first time and generate leads for upcoming ventures, this exceptional CoachRack feature can prove to be extremely lucrative for you.

Your customers are attracted by the permission to pay whatever they want, thus, eliminating the fear of disappointment at their end, and your initial hesitancy of setting the “right” price for your product.

Simply set up a minimum price for your course, and let your customers pay as they wish to.

This freedom at both ends is a friendly win-win exchange centered on value and trust, both of which are significant for you as a business owner.

Enable these features on your CoachRack Dashboard right away, and start maximizing its potential!

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