5 Hottest Updates on the Invanto Platform You Need to Check Out Right Away

When we say Invanto is an ever-evolving platform, we like to stick to our word. Over the past few months, we’ve aggressively put our collective energy towards ensuring that our users enjoy every bit of experiencing our platform.

This means that they should not only relish in above-par assistance and outstanding features, but also use it in full bloom!

We’re on our merry way to make your favourite platform all the more “user-friendly”, and the following five awesome updates are testimony to that fact.

So, buckle up, and get ready to be among the first ones to experience some insanely cool updates on the Invanto platform:

1. Course Importer

We get it. It can be a pain to create skeleton upon skeleton of courses, upload the content within them one by one, map the course to a school, and do that continuously until your school is ready to start selling online.

And then comes the hardest part – uploading big videos.

But, what if you could upload multiple courses at once?

Give us the skeleton and the links of the files, and we’ll upload them for you – through our brand new utility feature called the Course Importer.

Edit the sample CSV file we’ve provided with the desired links to your content, and the system will automatically take them up for upload.

The result? In just a few minutes, your course will be up and running, ready to be sold to an audience.

2. New Home for Courses

You know how earlier, the creation and addition of a course on CoachRack was a long and tedious three-step process?

Step 1: Create a school.

Step 2: Create a course.

Step 3: Link course to school.

Good news…

Stop at step 1, and add a course right under it!

While the process of creating the course is the same, we’ve now ensured that you don’t have to go back and forth to managing courses and schools independently.

Simply create and design your school, and start uploading courses under it directly from there. That’s some serious time and effort saving right there, don’t you think?

3. Say hello to micro-learning with Lectures

Imagine if you could make direct money from a single blog piece or a mere video. In other words, you could put up every single text blog post or a small insightful video for sale.

With that awesome selling strategy in mind, we introduce to Invanto – micro-learning.

Through micro-learning, you could break down your elaborate course into tiny lectures (text, infographics, or videos), and start selling them as standalone products.

This means that while you’re already building courses, you can start populating your schools with short-duration lectures, and command anywhere between $5-$50 depending upon the value you provide in your lectures.

When you look at it, you will be amazed at the simplicity.

4. New “Creators Hub”

Among our many priorities to enhance your overall usage experience, we’ve recently tweaked switching between apps on priority.

Courtesy our brand new “Creators Hub”, now, wherever you are on our platform, you can jump to a different app with just a single click!

Say goodbye to endless back-and-forth; hop on to a different app right at the moment you think of it!
So, what’s coming next?

5. Learners Marketplace

So far, you’ve been selling your courses via your own website hosted on Invanto.

Well, not anymore!

Starting May, you will be able to sell same courses, lectures, and test papers on our grand marketplace and attack an all new audience that wouldn’t have found out about your expertise otherwise.

Our marketplace is going to be our new homepage, where anyone who visits our website is immediately subjected to your products, regardless of where they’re from.

All you need to do is, upload them to our marketplace for our approval, and sit back and relax. Soon enough, they’ll start appearing under our marketplace for people to purchase and learn from.

So, start submitting your products to our marketplace, and reach a brand new audience!
As soon as we receive 50 units under each category – courses, test papers, and lectures – we’ll take the marketplace live on our site!

We at Invanto have always believed that teaching should be a product, not a service.

No matter what niche you cater to, at Invanto, there’s a possibility for transforming your skill into a profitable source of income.

So, go ahead – give a go to the afore-mentioned features, and tell us how you find it.

Don’t forget to share it with your friends, and put in a good word for us. Meanwhile, we’ll consistently work on making your experience a sure-shot breeze.


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